Monday, June 12, 2006

Hiding a desktop icon (Win 98)

It’s not easy to remove icons like my computer from your desktop, but they can be hidden. To do this , create a blank 32x32 pixel image in paint, with the same color of your desktop background. When crating a image go to Attributes and set the size as 32x32 pixels. Use the fill tool to fill in the desktop background color. Save the image with .ico extension. Now right click the desktop, and select Properties to open the Display Properties Settings. Go to the Effects tab, select the My Computer icon and click on the change Icon. Finally, specify the path to the file u just created and press apply button. You will not see the My Computer icon anymore , but the text will be seen. To get rid of this, right click on the My Computer text, select Rename and rename with the blank by pressing spacebar. You this because windows needs at least a single character to name an icon.


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